32 Largo do Boticário is located in the Cosme Velho district, a neighborhood at the center of Rio’s Zona Sul, near the Corcovado’s bondinho and just below Santa Theresa. Its location is central and easy to access. Cosmo Velho is an extension of the Laranjeiras district and the first exit coming out of the Rebouças tunnel driving from Lagoa.

– The house is 700 m² and the property is 3500 m².
– It is guarded 24/7 and has a video surveillance system.
– During events it is advised to use public transport and taxis.
– A car service with driver is available upon request.
– WIFI covers the entire property.
– Electricity is supplied at 100 and 110 volts.
– All the gardens are illuminated.

32 Largo do Boticário provides security for all events, cleaning services and a coordinator for producers.

It is of course possible to provide a wide range of products and services to create all kinds of tailor made events.

For any request please send an email to: contato@largodoboticario.com.br

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